Benefits of AEC

Here at AEC we understand the responsibility that a parent feels towards their child. There simply isn’t enough you could do for them. That’s the way we feel towards education. We take pride in sharing our love of learning, and that’s something we try our utmost to instil in our students so our aim is to help the child flourish and become an independent learner capable of tackling obstacles with confidence. We have personally created our teaching resources. They have been created with every detail, question and answers poured over with a fine tooth comb.

Initial free enrolment and consultation

We offer a free initial enrolment and consultation of the core subjects at all levels. This allows us to discuss with the student and parent areas the student is struggling and how AEC Tutors aims to tackle these issues.

Initial Assessment

We offer an assessment at a small cost, this allows us to grade the level at which the student is working, the assessment aims to identify areas in which they may be experiencing difficulty but also helps us to appreciate areas in which they are confident.

Supportive learning environment

We work hard to create keen, focused small group and individual learning environments in our centres so that your child can enjoy the academic benefits of peer to peer interaction and support in line with the needs of each student and to reinforce what your child has learnt at school.

Cater for Individual Needs

Central to our educational ethos is the understanding that not all children are the same, and we do not ask them to be. We are all individuals with differing needs. We all relate, respond and react differently to different things. We try to embrace the individuality of every child and try to learn how to bring out the best in each of them.

Inspire a Love of Learning

We aim to encourage the natural curiosity in the child to help them explore the world around them. We believe this aids to inspire ambition, confidence and a love for learning.

If and when a child will stumble across any difficulties, as tutors we are able to guide them through the problem solving process. Additionally we are able to cater for further tuition to increase confidence in each student when faced with challenging situations.