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Exam Entry Form

Students who wish to use our centre for taking exams need to complete the form below.

If you prefer, you can download, print and complete our Exams Entry Form and bring it into our office. Please click on this link  – AEC Tutors Exam Entry Form v2 8-Feb.

You will need to submit this form to us with relevant payment. If you need exam codes and other information, please look at our Exams Information page.

A Level Science Practicals

Students who need to do one or more science A Level practical endorsements can now do this through our affiliation with BioGrad. This will require a trip to their training centre in Liverpool. Click on subject below for more information – or give us a call.

BioGrad logo
Biology Chemistry Physics

Exam Withdrawal Form

Students who wish to be withdrawn from an exam/s need to complete the Entry Withdrawal Form. Please note that there will be a charge for withdrawing. Click here to download – AEC Entry Withdrawal Form 2017

Methods of paying:

  • Over the phone – Please call 0208 548 1312 and have your Visa/credit card ready. Please note that we can only accept payment from the cardholder. (Please visit our policy for this method of payment: https://www.firstdata.com/en_us/privacy.html)
  • Face to face payment – Please call/email us to make an appointment to come and make a payment. Please note that we can only accept payment from the cardholder.
  • Online bank transfer – Please add the student reference number you have been given. See below for our bank details.

Online Exam Entry Form