Previous students’ testimonials

profile_avatarA-level maths at the start of the year seemed very challenging and I found it difficult to fully understand and revise maths. Once I joined AEC Tutors, maths started to become easier. This is due to the teachers at the centre actually caring for their student and want them to improve. They helped me focus on difficult topics in maths which I found hard and which I thought I would never understand, however with the help of the teachers and lots of practice, the topics became much easier. AEC Tutors definitely have helped me drastically improve in my maths.

Sarah Abid


profile_avatarIt has helped me in my learning in maths. I have improved and am working much better at Maths. My grades have improved.



profile_avatarThe work given helped me understand what I don’t know. I really like the amount of homework given as it allows me to concentrate on maths, and saves time. Doing corrections in class helps me as it showed me how to work it out.



profile_avatarAEC tutors have helped me move up in sets in school, and understand maths a lot better.

Saffa Awan


profile_avatarMy experience at AEC tutors has been very good because I learnt new things here before I did at school, giving me the upper hand allowing me to concentrate on applying my knowledge and exam questions at school.
Learning at AEC helped improve my performance at school, if I need help with school work I can always ask the teacher.



profile_avatarIt has helped me because I completed work here before I had completed it at school.

Zain Ul-Asad-Ali


profile_avatarAEC Tutors have inspired me develop my mathematical skills and help me broaden my knowledge. The teachers here are all friendly, helpful and patient. It is a good place with great people. Sir Shanil is the best teacher here! Nice guy and been with me for 2 years and has guided me through GCSE and A-Level.

Ajanth Srikamirhamanathan


profile_avatarAEC Tutors have helped me a lot. I was in set 3 for maths but now I am in set 1. The homework helps me a lot. In addition if I need help the teachers help me. AEC Tutors made me get 100% in a maths test.

Saim Rana


profile_avatarThe Chemistry tuition I received here at AEC Tutors made my A-Level Chemistry experience a lot more pleasant. My teacher reviewed topics, starting from basics, and helped me to have a very good understanding of the general topic. My grades also drastically improved at school; from D grade to A’s in class tests and mocks. I am highly satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received. The 2 hour session also allows enough time to get through enough content and to practice application.

Khansaa Dar


profile_avatarI come every week to learn and ask my tutor anything I struggle with and I get a better understanding of things I didn’t find the science part of this tuition helpful.

Adam Bouzgan


profile_avatarIt has helped me in getting a high grade in school. The teacher also helps me a lot.

Sulaimaan Malik


profile_avatarIt has helped me in school for example, when a teacher asks the class does anything remember this, I am the only one that says yes, this is because of the work I have been doing in tuition.

Elmahdi Bouzgan

profile_avatarSince I have started tuition, I have seen huge progression in my grades at school. I have been motivated a lot more to work as all work set is compulsory. Therefore I cannot procrastinate. I have been attending AEC since year 4 and I am now in my first year of college. All exams (Sats, GCSE’s) etc have been passed with really good grades that has made me surprised myself! I do recommend AEC Tutors to anyone struggling or finding a particular subject hard.

Aamir Bhamji

profile_avatarThe atmosphere here is really good. They are strict on homework which is a good motivator to do it. The teachers are nice and explain anything I find hard, very well. They also have acess to good revision material, ones that I wouldn’t get at school. Overall, it is really good.

Amaan Hussain

profile_avatarAEC tutors have really helped me improve my overall grade in GCSE Mathematics and now at A-Level Maths. The teachers teach with only a few numbers of students allowing there to be no wastage of time and the 2 hour session being as effective as possible.

Hussain Abdullah

profile_avatarThe tuition has helped me a lot at school. I get better grades and even moving up a set for maths. Also I have started to work harder and understand more challenging questions at school.

Kinza Dar


profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me a lot with my maths. I have made great progress.

Saanya Murtaza


profile_avatarOverall my experience at AEC Tutores is great. The teachers are excellent and have helped me improve my grades.

Iqraa Shahbaz


profile_avatarAEC Tutors have helped me do well in my mocks and I hope it is the same for my actual GCSE’s. They have given me materials to help improve the topic I was most weak on.

Asadullah Hussain


profile_avatarI have made a lot of progress in school (In maths) and because I learn more here than school, I am usually ahead of the class. I find it better working here because there are not any distractions, where as in school I will easily be distracted by my friends. AEC Tutors has made me a lot more competitive, compared to when I was in year 9 (not In tuition).

Saad Chaudhry

profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me get better in maths and do topics I thought were impossible. The teachers always give there all to help us in any way possible and if we need more help we can stay behind. This makes me confident in my learning and encourages me to work harder whenever I can. There are times when I have learnt something here and no one knows it in school. As a result I now swift through it in school. My grades have now improved immensely.

Shariqa Zia


profile_avatarI was normally able to bring in work from school which I did not understand and the tuition would help me.

Musa Butt


profile_avatarSince I have started, I have improved very much in Maths. I find it much easier to work out problems and quicker, because the teachers have trained me, to make questions easier. The homework and class work has been very helpful.

Luxshitha Prithuiraj


profile_avatarGoing from GCSE’s to AS-Level Maths was a daunting idea at first, however following my journey with AEC Tutors, I have felt more confident with C1 and C2 and it has helped my understanding in college too, as I have been ahead is being taught in college. AEC Tutors allowed me to be open with a lot of past papers which helped my revision for my exam.

Aminah Tassawar


profile_avatarIt has been okay at tuition because I get so much work.

Rehaan Minhas


profile_avatarMy overall experience here at AEC Tutors has been good. AEC Tutors has helped me develop my understanding of maths and make maths at school easier for me.

Zahra Rahman


profile_avatarHelped me get ahead and prepare you better for exams. Makes it easier to understand what you’re doing.

Bahawal Mahmood


profile_avatarWhen I jointed in year 9, I was not the best at maths. However over the 5 years at AEC Tutors I feel as if I have excelled significantly in maths. From a B grade student In year 9 to an A* student by the end of GCSE. IN higher education (Sixth form), the tutors at ACE Tutors have made the content so simple and easy to understand. Always helping, whenever I needed it.

Minhaz Ahmed


profile_avatarMy experience at AEC tutors is great and I have learnt a lot lately and at school I am showing these skills And my teachers at school are impressed at the quantity and quality of my work.

Krishna Luhar


profile_avatarAfter I started coming to AEC Tutors, I have found Maths at school really easy and I enjoy the subject.

Priyankah Rajalingarn


profile_avatarWhat the AEC could improve on, is by giving less homework on school days. What I really like is that I get a test after a book finishes and this way I could improve on school test. What I do not like is that I get PC’s and they are hard to know if this is a right question.

Fabiha Saleh


profile_avatarIt is very helpful and helps me so much in education.

Vatsal Luhar


profile_avatarThe place is fantastic; the teachers are really helpful and explain anything that you don’t understand. As soon as I started, my grades rocketed sky high, I am grateful for all the teachers here.

Shakif Uddin


profile_avatarIt helps me in doing my work without rushing and doing mistakes.

Fayzan Aziz


profile_avatarBefore coming to AEC tutors I struggled with my AS-Level Maths modules and didn’t want to ask for help due to public shame of “If it is hard why did you pick it?” but, after receiving lessons here I can proudly say that I have improved greatly and have my friend to thank for the recommendation and the teachers here for their methods of explaining which has effected my knowledge of Maths positively and this will hopefully emerge through my exam results in August.

Ibrahim Malik


profile_avatarThe two years have been good. The teachers have made me better at maths from getting 40%, to now achieving 70% and higher consistently.

Abisaekh Skandaraaj


profile_avatarThe overall experience has been relatively good as I have improved my grade at GCSE from C to A. The work given as homework is helpful in improving your understanding of the topic learnt. The teachers are friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Shyam Rathod


  • Making sure all the specification has been covered
  • Not moving until everything is understood
  • Friendly teachers
  • Distribution of equipment

Sharmen Premkumar


profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me improve in maths at college and improving my grades. W get give challenging work which helps. Teachers are also very friendly and extremely helpful.

Neha Anjum


profile_avatarI have liked my experience at AEC Tutors because I have improved at school and I have developed a deeper understanding of maths and have been able to use my skills that I have learnt in AEC Tutors and use them in my lessons at school, in my GCSE exams and in my general confidence in maths.

Nimrah Mirza


profile_avatarIt was good, found it fairly easy at times but was good for formulas and memorisation due to repetition. I find exams easier than I used to so it has helped a lot in my studies.

Piraveen Partheepan


profile_avatarEver since I started coming here, my grades in school have improved. It has helped me understand topics I struggle with and made the school work easier. The tutors are very helpful as they explain the work really well.

Maisha Rashid


profile_avatarAEC tutors has helped me a lot, at first I never understood maths, however now I do. The teachers explain really well, and they show a variety of different formulas. I would definitely recommend AEC Tutors.

Areeba Mirza


profile_avatarTuition was helpful, the practice papers and Kesh gave me lots of practice. I learnt some questions and topics which I have not done before in school, this was helpful. Overall I enjoyed coming to tuition.

Aleeza Asif


profile_avatarI have been attending AEC Tutors for a long time now. My tutors help me understand topics here in an easy ay. I learnt topics here, before I did at school. AEC Tutors has helped me a lot in my secondary education.

Rabia Ali


profile_avatarMy overall experience at AEC Tutors has been great, I started at the end of year 11 where maths was one of my weakest subjects and surprisingly got an A grade. Therefore I took A-Level maths and excelled in it and actually really enjoyed it, I believe AEC Tutors did play a huge role in that especially as it gave me a structure and place to go over topics I struggled with.

Fatimah Patel


profile_avatarAEC tutors was good at breaking down complex problems into easy follow able step by step instructions that made high level problems easy to solve very quickly and the speed at which they are able to teach at is very impressive.

Sunny Patel


profile_avatarTeachers have helped me with topics that I used to find difficult. I have managed to finish the syllabus before my school which has helped me during my lessons in school.



profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me improve in maths and have been very helpful throughout. The teachers are nice and explain the work however many times I ask them to.



profile_avatarThis tuition has helped me in my learning as I get better grades in my tests and I’m in the top 10 in my maths class. I’m learning challenging things.



profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me with maths and it has given me a chance to really focus on math. It is much more helpful than school, because there is 1 teacher in between 4 students which means the teacher can focus and spend time with each student.



profile_avatarOverall I have learnt so much during my time here. I’m a lot better at maths than I used to be five years ago. I am always at the top in maths at school, so this gives me confidence in maths.



profile_avatarIt has made me smarter.



profile_avatarThe teachers are very good. They are helpful. I learnt a lot sometimes. I have improved. The work is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. I like the work. I am proud of my education.



profile_avatarMy experience at AEC Tutors is very good; it has helped me improve in maths massively. My maths has developed quickly and I am learning a lot.



profile_avatarMy overall experience has put me at an advantage in school. Excelling me, helping me pass my tests and getting the grades I need.



profile_avatarMy experience at AEC Tutors has been good. It has helped my education studies and overall performance.



profile_avatarAEC has helped me a lot with my school work. In school when I do a test I encounter something’s not taught in school, which I had learnt in tuition. This puts me at an advantage in school and has allowed me to get the grades I need to succeed in life.



“I want to take the opportunity to say thanks. Thank you so much for all the support and guidance you have given me over the years. Without it, I would not have come this far. You are a wonderful teacher and a great inspiration. I will always remember you as it was you that made learning an enjoyable experience.”

T. Ahmed


profile_avatar“The teachers at AEC Tutors create a fun and enjoyable environment to learn in and make sure you understand the work before rushing on which I find helpful.”


Anonymous Student



“AEC Tutors helped improve my understanding of Maths by spending more time on questions and topics compared to school which allowed me to fully understand each concept of the topic, something not done in schools.”


Sunny Patel

profile_avatar“My experience at AEC Tutors was extremely helpful. Despite starting late into the year, AEC Tutors has allowed me to gain a far greater understanding of work than I could at school. The working environment was and is really great unlike other tuition centres. From day 1 , I was given all the materials I needed to progress through my studies and was given in depth guidance regarding all my work. I could see an immediate change, not only in my grades but how I foresee my subject in general. I believe that this tuition is a brilliant tuition centre because it has clearly shown positive results in my overall performance. I would gladly recommend this centre to everyone I know.”

Labib Choudhury


profile_avatar“I’ve learnt a lot and have been doing very well in Maths for the whole time that I’ve been learning here. “


Bahawal Mahmood


profile_avatar“I’ve enjoyed my overall experience at AEC Tutors. The teachers here provide me with all the support whether it be helping me with a challenging question or giving me past paper materials that I can practice with. Questions are explained to me clearly and if I don’t understand something, the teachers change their teaching style in order for me to understand it which is good. I feel more confident in A-level Maths and I know that it will show in my results.”

Muadia Obiuwevbi


profile_avatar“AEC Tutors helped me a lot because of the start of year 9, I was in set 3 it was then I have joined this tuition centre. After 6 months at this centre, the tutors helped me progress to a level I didn’t think was achievable. I was moved to top set with a target of an A. At the tuition centre they have pushed me more and more to achieve a grade A*, I think I can achieve this grade because the tutors at the centre have given me a lot of confidence. I believe more people should come to the tuition centre and experience it because this will allow you to boost your grade.”

Anonymous Student


profile_avatar“I have been able to work on the topics that I find quite challenging at school, here at the tuition centre. All this has helped me at school because when we have tests I will be able to at least attempt the question rather than leaving it blank. This has then allowed me to go up a grade as I always usually get Bs. The teachers here have been really good because they will keep going through the topics until you understand it, rather than moving onto another topic.”

Nisheel Jolapara


profile_avatar“AEC Tutors was definitely a huge factor in my success at GCSE Maths and has made A-level a lot more simple to understand with the help from teachers.”


Humza Awan


profile_avatar“Overall AEC Tutors has helped me a lot because if I was to look at my target and my current grades in school now. My math grade has improved a lot since last year.”


Hassan Mustafa


profile_avatar“Learning at AEC Tutors has benefited me not only in Maths, but in a variety of Subjects. As the tuition centre teach several subjects, I have been fortunate enough to be taught all Maths, English and Science. The teachers are extremely intelligent and the environment that you work in is friendly, calm and pleasant. The resources/ help provided is extremely helpful as everything is detailed. I feel that the relationship you can have with your teacher, is almost like a friendship. This is vital, as it can make a child enjoy their learning. My grades in all three subjects have improved substantially and I thank AEC Tutors for this. Had I not attended tuition, my grades would’ve been bad.”

Aamir Bhamji


profile_avatar“I have been with AEC Tutors ever since I was in year 10. AEC Tutors helped me go from a grade D from the start of the year 10 to an overall A in GCSE Maths. This was quite a shock to me. The teachers (nearly all of them) have a unique way of teaching which helps you a lot and they make your tuition more enjoyable which allows you to not hate the subject and rather enjoy it, and therefore making you want to come tuition week on week. Additionally every teacher has a maximum of 4 students so when you are stuck the maximum wait is 5 minutes, which allows less time waste a more productive session.”

Abdullah Hussain



profile_avatar“I had first started AEC Tutors during the start of year 7. Before I had started I was in the second set of the year and was working at around level 5 which was working at average for my age at the time. However, after joining AEC in roughly two months-   become an over achiever for Maths in my school.

I have now stayed at this stage throughout and due to the excellent Maths skills I have developed, my school has given me the opportunity to do 3 GCSE’s in Maths with the support from AEC Tutors.”

Hassan Awan



profile_avatar“I feel that my overall experience at AEC Tutors has been good. This is because the teacher explains thing well and is able to help me with my work. It helps me with school work as I do subjects before we do them at school which means I have a better understanding. Also my grades have improved. Also, if there was anything that I did not understand, I am able to come in and ask the teacher for help.”

Amaan Hussain



profile_avatar“I find it very helpful and I feel more confident in Maths as it has helped improve in school. I also feel more confident for the exam.”


Anonymous Student



profile_avatar“When I started tuition I could not even do indices. But now I feel more confident about A-level Maths with the help of my amazing teachers. My grades went from E to C in my first year in college and hopefully they will be better this year.”


Mahek Sayed



profile_avatar“AEC Tutors has helped me develop and understand Maths more and helped me apply it to past papers. I have gained more confidence in school.”


Muhammad Haseeb



profile_avatar“Overall experience has been good. It has helped me in my studies because I have improved in Maths. It is easier to understand exam questions.”


Zubair Ahmed


profile_avatar“AEC Tutors has helped me to improve greatly in Maths, almost by two whole grades. I have also gained a lot of confidence within the subject and so feel better at applying my knowledge to past paper questions. I am also able to explain my working to Maths problems.”


Aisha Rana



profile_avatar“It has helped me a lot. AEC Tutors helped me gain more confidence. They have helped me understand certain topics. My grades have improved since I started this tuition centre.”


Nazmeen Zamir



profile_avatar“The work I have been given here is explained in good way and helps me when we learn these topics in school. The Kesh was really helpful as it gave me an understanding of how questions would come up in exams. I am more comfortable with the topics that I never knew before, for example: Direct and Indirect proportion, Trigonometry, Circle Theorems etc. The best thing at this tuition was with Sir Humza.”

Bilal Suleman


profile_avatar“Improved my Maths skills further. Enjoy doing Maths.”


Maisha Rahman


profile_avatar“AEC Tutors Has improved my maths skills, made me enjoy Maths.”


Fatima Patel


profile_avatar“My Maths grade has improved significantly since I have joined this tuition as I am able to spend more time on things I don’t get and doing the corrections so that I know what I need to improve on in the future. I have also started to join Maths, which has pushed me to choose it for A- levels.”


Tasfia Rahman


profile_avatar“AEC Tutors has helped me to become more confident with difficult questions which is essential for exam preparation. It has helped me to achieve good grades in school. From a B grade, I now achieve A or A* grades in Maths. I feel like I can tackle difficult A* questions now which will help me do well in the GCSE exams.”

Basmah Sheikh



profile_avatar“AEC Tutors has helped me a great deal. It has given me support that I found lacking elsewhere. The tutors here are invested in our learning with many different ways of teaching us that are effective. No matter how many times I have had a question that may seem stupid, I was always given an answer that is understanding and helpful. The high expectations allow you to work to your utmost potential and the high calibre of teaching with teachers who go above and beyond for us has also exceeded my expectations.”

Nadia Ahmed


profile_avatar“The experience at AEC Tutors was a hard working time, with the teachers and the students. I enjoyed coming and the tuition has helped me achieve my targets in school. I use the work in tuition to help me in my school maths work. I would recommend AEC Tutors to friends and relatives. I enjoyed my time being a student here, Thank you.”

Anonymous Student



profile_avatar“It has helped me think about Maths a bit differently than I thought of it before.”


Anonymous Student


profile_avatar“I have improved from a B to A/ A*. My teacher helps me get the best grade and helps me with any difficulties I have. I am more confident in Maths, which has encouraged me to take Maths and Further Maths in A-levels.”


Luxshitha Prithuiraj


profile_avatar“I have improved a lot at school as the teaching here is really good. I enjoy the lessons and hope to continue to improve.”


Henna Jolapara


profile_avatar“At the start I was getting very low grades in Maths of D and E; I came to AEC and my grades went to A and A*, I never hugely enjoyed Maths until I came to the tuition centre; the teachers are extremely helpful and fun, they provided a lot of support and the head teacher provides discipline.

AEC doesn’t just teach you Maths it teaches you to enjoy what you learn and the best part is the teachers care about you doing well not how much you pay them.”

Rafi Abedin


profile_avatar“AEC has allowed me to understand and learn the work that has been provided. The teachers explain the work clearly and go over any work that I may be struggling with.”


Minhaz Ahmed


profile_avatar“AEC has helped me improve a lot in school it has made me get good grades in my exams. After attending AEC I now understand areas of Maths which I found difficult before. The teachers provide great support to every student. Thank you AEC!”


 Saranya Parurhirajan



profile_avatar“By coming to AEC Tutors, my overall performance has improved by a lot. When I first started here, I was average but now I have improved a lot, thanks to AEC Tutors. The work I do at AEC Tutors has helped me stay ahead of what I do at school. I feel like I receive more help at AEC Tutors than I do at school.”


Arthi Mahinda


profile_avatar“My experience at AEC has been positive. I did my GCSE Maths here, I passed this. I have now come back to do my skills test in Maths. The teachers are very helpful. I like the idea of getting lots of homework on work which I have done in class, I can then practise it at home.”


Sarah Mahmood


profile_avatar“At first I was lazy and didn’t revise much at home. Once I started coming here it allowed me to work harder and thanks to AEC Tutors I managed to improve my grades in school. They also provided me with a wide range of resources which helped me with my revision.”


Anonymous Student


profile_avatar“At first when I received work from AEC, I had found it easy but when I progressed with the work I found it challenging and if I needed help I always got it. I also experienced working with different tutors and learning new methods which I could use in my work to make it easier for me to find an answer to a question. My overall performance has increased by two whole grades.”

Shyam Rathod


profile_avatar“When I first started tuition, in school I was in the second set. I gradually improved over time because of the tutors, hence this effected me positively in school, moving me up to the top set and not finding work difficult as I had already learnt the topic in tuition. This was extremely beneficial to me as I was able to revise over topics I was not fully clear on and not fall behind in school. Tuition was hard work, however it has paid of positively and most of the credit should go to my tutor; sir Barbar as he was very helpful.”

Nazreen Islam


profile_avatar“The most amazing place, because all the teachers are very helpful. It has helped me so much with my learning throughout the years and I would definitely recommend this place to my family and friends.”


Sami Ali


profile_avatar“Started tuition with AEC Tutors in year 9, entering with GCSE grades around C-B in Maths and Sciences. They have helped me achieve A* in Maths and A’s in triple Science. This has helped me with my college experience, at the end of A2 I am predicted to get ABB and will hopefully get into the University of my Choice. This has only been made possible from the help I have received from tuition at AEC Tutors.”

Tahir Uddin


profile_avatar“My classmate from my college recommended this tuition centre to me as I knew that A2 Maths was going to be difficult. Ever since I stepped foot into this tuition centre I have been put to the test constantly. Having done a C1 and C2 test the moment I got here. This tuition has helped me improve immensely in my understanding and attitude towards Mathematics. I never thought I would be this confident in Maths. It has helped me become one of the most improved students in my college in Maths and has helped me to focus on my studies overall. I would recommend this tuition to anyone seeking to develop their skills and understanding in Maths and to anyone who wants a challenge.”

Anonymous Student


profile_avatar“AEC Tutors has helped me improve massively in Maths as I was a D in Maths now I am getting B’s and C’s in mock papers.”


Junaid Riaz


profile_avatar“My experience at AEC tutors has been amazing. I’ve improved in Maths at a great rate, and what I learn in tuition I can take that in school too. I feel more confident in my work and I feel like this is all down to my experience at AEC Tutors.”


Aminah Tassawar


profile_avatar“AEC Tutors helped increase the confidence I have in Maths and my own ability. I didn’t do very well in some areas and the teachers were very quick to point out my weaknesses and how I could overcome them. Overall AEC Tutors have been very efficient and I am now feeling a lot more confident about my exams, as well as my upcoming A2 Maths exams.”

Lenny Ali


profile_avatar“The knowledge that the teachers at AEC Tutors possess can help you massively in your Maths GCSE. It’s not only the knowledge that will benefit you, it’s how they get their knowledge across to you.”


Junaid Nazir


profile_avatar“I have learned a lot of new things here, which I wasn’t taught at school, AEC has helped a lot because I can now answer questions in exams which I struggled with before.”


Danyaal Hussain


profile_avatar“AEC Tutors has allowed me to surpass my Maths A-level and GCSE target grade. As I was predicted a B and achieved an A.”


Haider Ali


profile_avatar“I began attending the tuition during year 8/9 and it has helped me to move up in Math groups during my KS3 education and achieve full marks during my year 9 mocks. AEC Tutors has also helped during my revision for GCSE Mathematics through the extra revision sessions and continuous mocks, enabling me to achieve an A. During year 12 the tuition helped me adjust to MEI A-level Maths and understanding the content. AEC also helped me with the homework I received from my school as I had found it challenging.”

Aqsah Awan


profile_avatar “It has given me more of an insight to what Maths really is from GCSE Maths to A-level. AEC has given me more of an understanding to how A-level Maths works and how it could help my future.”


anonymous student


profile_avatar“As a teacher.  being part of The AEC tuition centre has developed me greatly as a teacher. Although I wasn’t unfamiliar with the environment the first time I came here, I was slightly nervous of teaching more one-to-one as I did not have any teaching experience beforehand. However, after every working day and a lot of encouragement and support, I gained more confidence and experience in teaching children from Early Years, KS1 and the Primary Phase in general. I firstly gained more knowledge about the teaching methods. I also learnt how to teach students individually as the level of support depended on the student’s potential and acknowledged when I should challenge a child further.

By working at AEC Tutors I have found that I have been able to strengthen my key skills and teaching techniques.”

Qurat-Ul-Ann Khan (May 2016)


profile_avatar“I first heard about this tuition when my close friend in my Maths class started telling me about it as I was struggling in Maths. I joined AEC Tutors in December and immediately I was put under pressure with a C1 and C2 test. I was told to do them again as I didn’t do well the first time, and since then my understanding for Maths has developed to levels I never thought I would be capable of. Maths is the hardest subject I am studying, AEC Tutors has made it become so easy. I achieved a B in my college C3 Mock exams. I have become so organised with my revision for Maths. I am eternally grateful for the help and support I have received and I recommend this centre to anyone studying Maths.”

Hosam Safdar (May 2016)


profile_avatar“When I first joined the AEC Tutors, I took a mock test on C3 and got a U on the test. I realised which topics I needed to go over and I asked sir if he could help me on these topics. After a lot of work, I’m currently on a grade B for C3 and aiming for a Grade A in the exam. I believe that without the tuition, I would still be on the U grade that I came in with.”

Mohamed Hussein (May 2016)


profile_avatar“Joining AEC tutors to study Mathematics at an early stage (Year 10) has transformed me from being an average B grade student, into achieving an A* in GCSE Mathematics. Following my success at GCSE Mathematics, I had opted to continue studying the subject at A-Levels, at which I managed to achieve an A* grade. My passion for Mathematics then led me to study BSc Mathematical Science, in which I am currently a penultimate year student. 

AEC Tutors have a few unique selling points that aided me in achieving high marks in my modules. They had tested me, on joining the centre, to recognise what stage I am currently at in terms of Mathematical ability. This way they gave me the right teaching support and resources needed in order to improve my grade.

Every teacher at the centre has very small groups so that they can focus on an individual and provide them with maximum attention in order to meet their need.

One of the most important aspects at AEC tutors that helped me achieve an A* in A-Level Mathematics was the fact that they started teaching A-Level content to me as soon as I finished my GCSE’s. This way I had the 3 month summer period to learn the whole first module with them, which gave me a head start in college. Having a head start relieved a lot of stress for when college had started. My college lessons often turned into revision lessons because of this, which was a real bonus as it allowed me to maximise my potential.

AEC tutors has made me very confident in Mathematics that I am now studying the subject at University and the skills I developed at the centre are still supporting me in overcoming all Mathematical challenges that I face.”

Junaid Khan (April 2016)



“Overall my time with AEC tutors was very challenging but enjoyable. I had my ups and downs but at the end it was all worth it, I achieved in maths  a grade  “A” that took me forward into doing A-Levels. I had been studying at  AEC Tutors since year 7 and felt that it made my maths very strong and even the easiest GCSE subject for me.”

Ahmed Khan (August 2015)


profile_avatar“I came here for two years where I got taught a whole range of modules. With the jump between GCSE to A Levels being so great, I felt that the tutoring was extremely helpful and gave me much more confidence during exam periods. The tutoring is most helpful when you are struggling with a unit at college because the teachers break the subject down until you have a greater understanding and are confident at answering questions.”

Stefan James (June 2015)




“I think the chemistry and maths lessons were actually helpful,  they helped me get from D’s in class tests to B’s in the  chemistry exams, and from B’s from class tests to A’s in maths exams.”


Zubair Maqsood



 “I started going to AEC Tutors to get help with Mathematics and Further Mathematics in my final year of A Levels. The  help I received from all of the tutors was amazing since they really pushed me to get the best grades I could. The tutors  were very patient and made sure I fully understood any questions I was stuck with. I was also given plenty of exam papers so that I could see the type of questions that would be asked and how to answer them. At the end of my final year I was extremely appreciative for all the help I had been given since I am now going to my first choice university.  I wish I had known about AEC Tutors earlier because everyone has given me so much support.”

Aamir Bilal Pirzada



 “My year at AEC tutors has been excellent. I have had a lot of fun as well as learning a huge amount. The teachers are  great, always help and explain questions patiently and very thoroughly as well as never hesitating to help if stuck. I  prepared for exams by doing many past papers and went through each paper together with the teacher so that I understood every questions and learn from my mistakes. Overall it was amazing preparation for my exams and has helped me greatly to achieve fantastics results.”

Arjun Baladas



” Over the past three years, AEC has helped me understand and boost my confidence in Mathematics so much that I  decided to continue it further at A-level. The teaching staff are attentive, supportive and aid each and every student in  developing a variety of skills needed to achieve the top grades. Overall, my experience at AEC has been very pleasant and I would most definitely recommend this institute to others.”

Muneerah Syed Alam

 profile_avatar“Working at AEC since 2011 I have found that my role as a mathematics tutor has not only been extremely satisfying but it has also provided me with the crucial opportunity to practice and develop my skills. AEC welcomes students of various ages and intellect and recognizes the importance of inter cultural competence to facilitate a positive, constructive and engaging learning environment. Working with a diverse range of pupils has consequently aided me to continuously adapt and improve my teaching style to suit the individual needs of different learners. At AEC teaching and learning take place in equal quantities allowing pupils to absorb new concepts and theory whilst having the opportunity to uncover any misconceptions. All students at AEC understand what is expected of them by their teacher and what they can expect in return. Pupils at AEC must adhere to a strict code of conduct implemented throughout the institution which subsequently omits any disruptive behaviour and enables all students a fair and equal learning opportunity. The thirst for knowledge portrayed by pupils throughout AEC is extremely gratifying and feeds my passion for teaching whilst the friendly and welcoming atmosphere allows one to instantly feel at ease. Teachers at AEC make it their duty to ensure the pastoral well being of all students is maintained at all times within the classroom. I have found working at AEC to be exceptionally fulfilling and the experience has benefited me enormously both professionally and personally; it has provided me with the opportunity to strengthen my teaching technique and enhance my interpersonal skills.”

Hasan Gohar, AEC Tutor.


 “I started attending AEC Tutors for A Level Mathematics and the teachers have been exceptionally supportive and  thanks to  them I have been able to achieve high marks in my Mathematics exam, making me jump from a “D” grade to  an “A” grade.  Learning at AEC Tutors has made maths more enjoyable for me and helped me decide that this is THE subject for me to continue at university. The teachers at AEC Tutors have a very well-organized structure of teaching and planning to ensure that I understand everything to the maximum and have trained me to master the exam papers.”

Khakan Rahman



“The centre has been the driving force of pushing me towards achieving my maximum potential and the best grades  possible.   Sir Zaheer helped ease the transition from GCSE to a-levels by teaching Maths in a simple but effective  manner. By attending  AEC Tutors i saw that I had completed topics before my peers at school, giving me more time to complete exam papers, which helped me accelerate further in my studies. My results at the end of AS reflected the excellence in teaching from AEC Tutors, I am extremely grateful to Sir Zaheer and his team.”

Shaira Khanum



“Studying at AEC Tutors in order to get help with Mathematics really pushed me to get the best grades I could. The tutors were amazing at teaching and gave me one-to-one attention. They ensured I understood any questions I was finding difficult. AEC Tutors also provided me with plenty of exam papers to revise from and see the type of questions in them. I have always appreciated the amount of help that I was given and I wish I had known about AEC Tutors earlier to get help in Mathematics beforehand.”

Qurat-Ul-Ann Khan 


” profile_avatarThis Tuition centre is fantastic!!! It has helped me get through my GCSE’s and A-Levels. Each Teacher only has a small    group of students, which really helps. The teachers help each person individually and not in a group, so it’s practically  one to one. This centre helped me to push myself to my maximum potential and really achieve the best grades possible.”

Munieb Boota


“I have been coming to this tuition place for the last 4 years. My experience at tuition has been very enjoyable, and I have learnt a lot. The teachers here are very dedicated and helpful, they always make sure I understand the work they have set for me. They have quickly helped me reach the top of my year, and I have frequently found myself doing work at school that I have already covered at tuition, making it much easier for me, and allowing me to do harder and progressing further. Before coming to this institute, I went to numerous other places, and I can confidently say that none of them meet the standards that this institute does.”

Sadaf Ali


profile_avatar“I initially attended AEC Tutors as a student who needed further support with mathematics during GCSE’s and A-levels. As a student here, I was recruited as a teaching assistant and have enjoyed working here since. Over the past couple of years, the centre has grown to meet the needs and demands of pupils of all ages and backgrounds successfully. Helping students overcome their difficulties and seeing their confidence grow through work in class and homework is extremely rewarding, especially when achieving above and beyond their target levels. Working at AEC Tutors is pleasant and gratifying because of the continuous progress students achieve, as well as the positive relationships formed with children and their families.”

Yasmin Bhamji


profile_avatar“My child has been studying at AEC Tutors for over a few years now and I have found it to be a professional institute that provides learning to your needs and requests. Progress is continuously monitored through tests/homework and feedback is given on a weekly basis. My child has improved significantly in Maths and English at school whilst attending AEC Tutors.”

Mr.Anwar (Yasmin & Aamir Bhamji’s Father)


profile_avatar“I have been attending the tuition centre since primary school (year 3), since I got into secondary school the work that I had being doing in tuition had helped me during my maths class in school. In school, when we studied a particular topic: I was sometimes ahead and knew more than the other students because I had learnt it at tuition already. In my opinion, the teachers at tuition were very helpful and had made sure I understood what I was doing. To continue, I found maths easier and what we were learning in school made sense to me because I had gone over it at tuition and I knew what I needed to do, also the working environment helped as it was very quiet and you were able to learn better and understand what you were doing with the support of the teachers. During my GCSE maths the teachers at tuition were very supportive and had put on extra classes in order for me to achieve the best grade in my exam, these extra sessions were very helpful as what we couldn’t cover on the weekend we went over in these sessions which made sure I knew everything before doing the exam. Overall, I think that tuition was very helpful and enjoyable to go to as the teachers were kind, supportive and there for me when I needed help.”

Ashbel sheikh


profile_avatar“Studying at AEC Tutors has been very beneficial to me. I was studying alevel maths, the teachers have various methods that are very helpful when coming to exams. At first i thought i wouldn’t be able to do maths at college, once i started here everything started making more sense. The way the teachers taught me was amazing, I started getting the hang of it and at the end got A’s in my exams for maths. Without studying here i would’ve been so confused and probably would be no where near the grade I got. I give a lot of credit to my teachers at tuition for the help and support they have given me, they boost your confidence and always go out of their way to provide the help you need.”

Fatimah Arbi


profile_avatar“Teaching at AEC Tutors has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learnt many new techniques whilst teaching here. The other teachers are very helpful and supportive. When I started everything was so confusing, however because everyone was so helpful and welcoming I got the hang of it pretty quickly. The manager is supportive and friendly, always reminds us that the students are our main priorities. The way he teaches us to keep organised and provide the best education to the students. Overall the experience has been beneficial and has been the best place I have worked, it has been a friendly working environment and would recommend anyone to work at AEC Tutors.”

Fatimah Arbi.


profile_avatar“Originally mathematics was a subject that I struggled in and hated as well but the tutors here were able to help me change that. They were very easy to work with, taught me a wide range of methods and techniques but as well as helped me build my confident. Thanks to them I achieved A* in Maths in GCSE and A-level. My final result is not only a reflection on the amount of work I put but the tutors themselves have done for me. Honestly without them I don’t think I would have achieved these results.”

profile_avatar“Being tutors here has been very tough but enjoyable at the same time. It’s only because the colleagues that are here have helped me to settle in very easily and provided me a lot of support as well as giving me constructive feedbacks in ways I could improve every week. Teaching the students can be very hard and frustrating at times but, seeing them grow and improve every week is amazing. I am very glad to be part of their life that helps them become successful in the future.”

Shanil Vashi


As a student:

profile_avatar“In my GCSE days, I was struggling with maths, so I searched around for many tuition teachers who could help me. I found maths to be a really enjoyable subject and one which I could (and would) eventually progress upon. After many tuition teachers, I found the AEC tuition centre. At first, I found it a bit daunting, attending an entirely new environment but later on, the AEC team and the other students were really helpful, supportive and considerate in preparing me for the exams. It was hard work but I was glad I pulled through it; with the easily understandable methods the teachers taught me and with their ‘one-on-one’ style of teaching, I found that my GCSE maths result spoke for itself in how great the AEC Tuition centre is and will always be.”

Babar Sufi


As a teacher:

profile_avatar“The AEC tuition centre has greatly developed me as a person and as a teacher. The first time I came to work there, I wasn’t unfamiliar with the whole setting and the environment but was a little nervous of teaching and not disappointing anybody. Nevertheless, after each working day, I gained more experience and knowledge in how to teach each student uniquely; each student needed individual direction in achieving their true potential as they would each think differently. I learnt how to handle different situations accordingly such as when students were disruptive, when a student was taking long to understand a certain topic or even when a lack of motivation was not present in the student. Each circumstance required a different method of interaction. Lastly, with the help, support and guidance of the AEC Tuition teachers, I became the teacher and person who I am today.”

Babar Sufi


profile_avatar“Zaheer (AEC Head Teacher) has put in a lot of effort towards all three of my children’s education, where I have seen dramatic changes in attitude and effort towards their studies. My eldest son, who is currently studying maths at UCL, studied for both his GCSE’s and A Levels with Zaheer and has done extremely well for himself and thoroughly enjoys the subject. My daughter, who has struggled at a very young age with her education and despised maths as a subject, went on to receive an A* in her maths GCSEs and continued her studies at A Level. Throughout her time with Zaheer, she has been up and down with her health and has struggled to keep on top of it all however Zaheer put in extra effort, through extra hours as well as moral support, helping her to strive for success. My youngest son. who has now just finished his primary education has also done extremely well with Zaheer, where he has received a level 5 in his SAT’s. I am ever so grateful to Zaheer for all the efforts he has put in towards my children’s education.”

Mrs Sidrah Saleem (Haider, Khadijah and Zain’s mother)


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Ilyas Riaz
Ilyas Riaz
13:51 18 May 20
Excellent customer service. Very informative and... explain each step. Would definitely recommend if your looking for a private exam more
09:02 13 Jan 20
Many thanks to the exams officer at AEC, she was... very helpful from the first enquiry all the way through to results delivery (my daughter got an A!). Very well organised and very welcoming. The centre really made an effort after all other centres were unwilling to help with the particular exam my daughter was taking and not offered by her school. The exams officer was patient and quick to respond and I have no hesitation in recommending AEC to any private candidates. Very many thanks, it was getting really stressful until we found more
Somia Omaad
Somia Omaad
22:49 19 Dec 19
Been sending my kids for the last 2 years and... they have been doing so well in class. Their grades have improved and their attitude towards their future has changed in such a positive way. Would recommend AEC to all more
Zohra Desai
Zohra Desai
22:25 19 Dec 19
After looking at various tuition centres for my... son, I finally found a place that met all my expectations. Staff were very organised and efficient and helped my son to transition into the lessons well. My son enjoys going and is now more eager to learn and is able to work both more independently and confidently. Would highly recommend!read more
Bismah Rao
Bismah Rao
20:41 18 Dec 19
Highly accommodating and provide impeccable... services. The prices are great as well. I would highly recommend for sitting private exams. Keep it more
Amina Jan
Amina Jan
09:48 20 Nov 19
The staff are highly accommodating, organised and... very welcoming. They went over and beyond any exam centre we have previously used. A special thanks to the admin staff who worked tirelessly to meet my daughter's requirements. They were both patient and prompt in dealing with my numerous queries during exam season and after results day. After our experience with AEC we would most certainly use their services again and recommend them to any other private candidate looking for a reliable and professional centre to sit their exams. Many thanks!read more
Tarik Yakan
Tarik Yakan
09:44 20 Nov 19
I needed to resit one of my A-level exams and was... worried due to the prices being so high in most tuition centres, AEC however offered me the best price by far to sit all the exams in my subject. They handle the invigilation quite professionally and the environment during the exam is quite chill. If you are looking to resit any exams, I would highly recommend AEC!read more
Peter Jason O'Flaherty
Peter Jason O'Flaherty
16:55 11 Nov 19
I would highly recommend AEC Tutors services and... examination to any private - otherwise - student, or public examination candidate. The staff are always extremely helpful, friendly and exhibit meticulous professionalisms in their treatment and courtesy to all students. The only thing they won’t do, is sit your examination paper for you, which is a shame because I needed all the help I could get! Thanks!!read more
Amaan Hussain
Amaan Hussain
20:46 15 Oct 19
I have been attending this place for around 5... years and i can confirm that it it is a really great place. The teachers are passionate about your learning and do try their best to enforce the right enough of discipline and motivation to get you to do that extra work. They make sure that the teachers are up to date on the forever changing syllabus. In the time i was there, they always made sure to provide me with revision material that wasnt provided by my school (even if they were old ones that made sure i covered the basics)read more
Georgina Nicolettos
Georgina Nicolettos
21:50 05 Sep 19
As an ex student at AEC, I couldn’t recommend... this tuition centre enough. The centre prepared me for my GCSE Maths with a very bespoke, patient and friendly approach. The centre is run by an incredibly dedicated headteacher who makes time to ensure all students feel valued- thanks for everything AEC!read more
Teanne G
Teanne G
11:56 27 Aug 19
Helped me understand a lot of things that... weren’t made clear in school. They patiently taught me maths and made me more feel more confident when sitting exams. I definitely more
Takrim Titas
Takrim Titas
05:19 17 Aug 19
Came here for my Maths A-Levels. Very helpful... and supportive teachers have helped me not only get ahead in content relative to my sixth form but have ensured that I was better prepared sit my exams by carrying out regular mock exams and constant review of older topics so that they are always fresh. It was a great experience and the quality of teaching ensured a smooth transition from a 1 to 1 tuition to a tuition centre. Would strongly recommend to anyone who is struggling at maths or just looking to get ahead and be more ready for more
Bibi Bhatti
Bibi Bhatti
15:22 15 Aug 19
I was looking for a place to sit an exam for my... daughter and came across AEC. I was drawn in by the positive google reviews and thought I would give them a try. I made lots of contact with AEC prior to choosing them as a venue. I send multiple queries via email and via phone and they never got fed up of me asking questions! They were very helpful and answered all my queries promptly. The venue is easy to get to by public transport. The staff were very welcoming and organised on the day of the exam. I was extremely happy with the service so much so we are looking to look into their tutoring!read more
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