Testimonials 2016-17

profile_avatarA-level maths at the start of the year seemed very challenging and I found it difficult to fully understand and revise maths. Once I joined AEC Tutors, maths started to become easier. This is due to the teachers at the centre actually caring for their student and want them to improve. They helped me focus on difficult topics in maths which I found hard and which I thought I would never understand, however with the help of the teachers and lots of practice, the topics became much easier. AEC Tutors definitely have helped me drastically improve in my maths.

Sarah Abid


profile_avatarIt has helped me in my learning in maths. I have improved and am working much better at Maths. My grades have improved.



profile_avatarThe work given helped me understand what I don’t know. I really like the amount of homework given as it allows me to concentrate on maths, and saves time. Doing corrections in class helps me as it showed me how to work it out.



profile_avatarAEC tutors have helped me move up in sets in school, and understand maths a lot better.

Saffa Awan


profile_avatarMy experience at AEC tutors has been very good because I learnt new things here before I did at school, giving me the upper hand allowing me to concentrate on applying my knowledge and exam questions at school.
Learning at AEC helped improve my performance at school, if I need help with school work I can always ask the teacher.



profile_avatarIt has helped me because I completed work here before I had completed it at school.

Zain Ul-Asad-Ali


profile_avatarAEC Tutors have inspired me develop my mathematical skills and help me broaden my knowledge. The teachers here are all friendly, helpful and patient. It is a good place with great people. Sir Shanil is the best teacher here! Nice guy and been with me for 2 years and has guided me through GCSE and A-Level.

Ajanth Srikamirhamanathan


profile_avatarAEC Tutors have helped me a lot. I was in set 3 for maths but now I am in set 1. The homework helps me a lot. In addition if I need help the teachers help me. AEC Tutors made me get 100% in a maths test.

Saim Rana


profile_avatarThe Chemistry tuition I received here at AEC Tutors made my A-Level Chemistry experience a lot more pleasant. My teacher reviewed topics, starting from basics, and helped me to have a very good understanding of the general topic. My grades also drastically improved at school; from D grade to A’s in class tests and mocks. I am highly satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received. The 2 hour session also allows enough time to get through enough content and to practice application.

Khansaa Dar


profile_avatarI come every week to learn and ask my tutor anything I struggle with and I get a better understanding of things I didn’t find the science part of this tuition helpful.

Adam Bouzgan


profile_avatarIt has helped me in getting a high grade in school. The teacher also helps me a lot.

Sulaimaan Malik


profile_avatarIt has helped me in school for example, when a teacher asks the class does anything remember this, I am the only one that says yes, this is because of the work I have been doing in tuition.

Elmahdi Bouzgan

profile_avatarSince I have started tuition, I have seen huge progression in my grades at school. I have been motivated a lot more to work as all work set is compulsory. Therefore I cannot procrastinate. I have been attending AEC since year 4 and I am now in my first year of college. All exams (Sats, GCSE’s) etc have been passed with really good grades that has made me surprised myself! I do recommend AEC Tutors to anyone struggling or finding a particular subject hard.

Aamir Bhamji

profile_avatarThe atmosphere here is really good. They are strict on homework which is a good motivator to do it. The teachers are nice and explain anything I find hard, very well. They also have acess to good revision material, ones that I wouldn’t get at school. Overall, it is really good.

Amaan Hussain

profile_avatarAEC tutors have really helped me improve my overall grade in GCSE Mathematics and now at A-Level Maths. The teachers teach with only a few numbers of students allowing there to be no wastage of time and the 2 hour session being as effective as possible.

Hussain Abdullah

profile_avatarThe tuition has helped me a lot at school. I get better grades and even moving up a set for maths. Also I have started to work harder and understand more challenging questions at school.

Kinza Dar


profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me a lot with my maths. I have made great progress.

Saanya Murtaza


profile_avatarOverall my experience at AEC Tutores is great. The teachers are excellent and have helped me improve my grades.

Iqraa Shahbaz


profile_avatarAEC Tutors have helped me do well in my mocks and I hope it is the same for my actual GCSE’s. They have given me materials to help improve the topic I was most weak on.

Asadullah Hussain


profile_avatarI have made a lot of progress in school (In maths) and because I learn more here than school, I am usually ahead of the class. I find it better working here because there are not any distractions, where as in school I will easily be distracted by my friends. AEC Tutors has made me a lot more competitive, compared to when I was in year 9 (not In tuition).

Saad Chaudhry

profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me get better in maths and do topics I thought were impossible. The teachers always give there all to help us in any way possible and if we need more help we can stay behind. This makes me confident in my learning and encourages me to work harder whenever I can. There are times when I have learnt something here and no one knows it in school. As a result I now swift through it in school. My grades have now improved immensely.

Shariqa Zia


profile_avatarI was normally able to bring in work from school which I did not understand and the tuition would help me.

Musa Butt


profile_avatarSince I have started, I have improved very much in Maths. I find it much easier to work out problems and quicker, because the teachers have trained me, to make questions easier. The homework and class work has been very helpful.

Luxshitha Prithuiraj


profile_avatarGoing from GCSE’s to AS-Level Maths was a daunting idea at first, however following my journey with AEC Tutors, I have felt more confident with C1 and C2 and it has helped my understanding in college too, as I have been ahead is being taught in college. AEC Tutors allowed me to be open with a lot of past papers which helped my revision for my exam.

Aminah Tassawar


profile_avatarIt has been okay at tuition because I get so much work.

Rehaan Minhas


profile_avatarMy overall experience here at AEC Tutors has been good. AEC Tutors has helped me develop my understanding of maths and make maths at school easier for me.

Zahra Rahman


profile_avatarHelped me get ahead and prepare you better for exams. Makes it easier to understand what you’re doing.

Bahawal Mahmood


profile_avatarWhen I jointed in year 9, I was not the best at maths. However over the 5 years at AEC Tutors I feel as if I have excelled significantly in maths. From a B grade student In year 9 to an A* student by the end of GCSE. IN higher education (Sixth form), the tutors at ACE Tutors have made the content so simple and easy to understand. Always helping, whenever I needed it.

Minhaz Ahmed


profile_avatarMy experience at AEC tutors is great and I have learnt a lot lately and at school I am showing these skills And my teachers at school are impressed at the quantity and quality of my work.

Krishna Luhar


profile_avatarAfter I started coming to AEC Tutors, I have found Maths at school really easy and I enjoy the subject.

Priyankah Rajalingarn


profile_avatarWhat the AEC could improve on, is by giving less homework on school days. What I really like is that I get a test after a book finishes and this way I could improve on school test. What I do not like is that I get PC’s and they are hard to know if this is a right question.

Fabiha Saleh


profile_avatarIt is very helpful and helps me so much in education.

Vatsal Luhar


profile_avatarThe place is fantastic; the teachers are really helpful and explain anything that you don’t understand. As soon as I started, my grades rocketed sky high, I am grateful for all the teachers here.

Shakif Uddin


profile_avatarIt helps me in doing my work without rushing and doing mistakes.

Fayzan Aziz


profile_avatarBefore coming to AEC tutors I struggled with my AS-Level Maths modules and didn’t want to ask for help due to public shame of “If it is hard why did you pick it?” but, after receiving lessons here I can proudly say that I have improved greatly and have my friend to thank for the recommendation and the teachers here for their methods of explaining which has effected my knowledge of Maths positively and this will hopefully emerge through my exam results in August.

Ibrahim Malik


profile_avatarThe two years have been good. The teachers have made me better at maths from getting 40%, to now achieving 70% and higher consistently.

Abisaekh Skandaraaj


profile_avatarThe overall experience has been relatively good as I have improved my grade at GCSE from C to A. The work given as homework is helpful in improving your understanding of the topic learnt. The teachers are friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming.

Shyam Rathod


  • Making sure all the specification has been covered
  • Not moving until everything is understood
  • Friendly teachers
  • Distribution of equipment

Sharmen Premkumar


profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me improve in maths at college and improving my grades. W get give challenging work which helps. Teachers are also very friendly and extremely helpful.

Neha Anjum


profile_avatarI have liked my experience at AEC Tutors because I have improved at school and I have developed a deeper understanding of maths and have been able to use my skills that I have learnt in AEC Tutors and use them in my lessons at school, in my GCSE exams and in my general confidence in maths.

Nimrah Mirza


profile_avatarIt was good, found it fairly easy at times but was good for formulas and memorisation due to repetition. I find exams easier than I used to so it has helped a lot in my studies.

Piraveen Partheepan


profile_avatarEver since I started coming here, my grades in school have improved. It has helped me understand topics I struggle with and made the school work easier. The tutors are very helpful as they explain the work really well.

Maisha Rashid


profile_avatarAEC tutors has helped me a lot, at first I never understood maths, however now I do. The teachers explain really well, and they show a variety of different formulas. I would definitely recommend AEC Tutors.

Areeba Mirza


profile_avatarTuition was helpful, the practice papers and Kesh gave me lots of practice. I learnt some questions and topics which I have not done before in school, this was helpful. Overall I enjoyed coming to tuition.

Aleeza Asif


profile_avatarI have been attending AEC Tutors for a long time now. My tutors help me understand topics here in an easy ay. I learnt topics here, before I did at school. AEC Tutors has helped me a lot in my secondary education.

Rabia Ali


profile_avatarMy overall experience at AEC Tutors has been great, I started at the end of year 11 where maths was one of my weakest subjects and surprisingly got an A grade. Therefore I took A-Level maths and excelled in it and actually really enjoyed it, I believe AEC Tutors did play a huge role in that especially as it gave me a structure and place to go over topics I struggled with.

Fatimah Patel


profile_avatarAEC tutors was good at breaking down complex problems into easy follow able step by step instructions that made high level problems easy to solve very quickly and the speed at which they are able to teach at is very impressive.

Sunny Patel


profile_avatarTeachers have helped me with topics that I used to find difficult. I have managed to finish the syllabus before my school which has helped me during my lessons in school.



profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me improve in maths and have been very helpful throughout. The teachers are nice and explain the work however many times I ask them to.



profile_avatarThis tuition has helped me in my learning as I get better grades in my tests and I’m in the top 10 in my maths class. I’m learning challenging things.



profile_avatarAEC Tutors has helped me with maths and it has given me a chance to really focus on math. It is much more helpful than school, because there is 1 teacher in between 4 students which means the teacher can focus and spend time with each student.



profile_avatarOverall I have learnt so much during my time here. I’m a lot better at maths than I used to be five years ago. I am always at the top in maths at school, so this gives me confidence in maths.



profile_avatarIt has made me smarter.



profile_avatarThe teachers are very good. They are helpful. I learnt a lot sometimes. I have improved. The work is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. I like the work. I am proud of my education.



profile_avatarMy experience at AEC Tutors is very good; it has helped me improve in maths massively. My maths has developed quickly and I am learning a lot.



profile_avatarMy overall experience has put me at an advantage in school. Excelling me, helping me pass my tests and getting the grades I need.



profile_avatarMy experience at AEC Tutors has been good. It has helped my education studies and overall performance.



profile_avatarAEC has helped me a lot with my school work. In school when I do a test I encounter something’s not taught in school, which I had learnt in tuition. This puts me at an advantage in school and has allowed me to get the grades I need to succeed in life.