Who we are

Hi, welcome to the online home of AEC Tutors.

We are an experienced group of school teachers who believe passionately in the positive influence a guiding hand can have on a young mind. We are committed to providing support that allows a student to not only learn but also learn how to learn.

We aim to share our love of learning.

Our Priorities

Here at AEC we strive for excellence, and we believe that call for excellence starts with us. That’s why we ensure that we:

  • Thoroughly mark home work and class work, ensuring that all aspects of the work are complete, before the student is progressed to the next topic.
  • Provide immediate feedback to encourage improvement and build confidence. Student apathy is often the result of a misunderstood word or concept, whilst the students may at times be reluctant to voice any difficulties they may be experiencing, it is essential to gauge their confidence in tackling tasks. Low motivation can be addressed and overcome though interaction and engagement that inspires confidence, curiosity and a will to succeed.
  • Use where possible our own resources from our extensive library of teaching materials. We have personally created our teaching aids strictly with the learner in mind. Our resources aim to provide a contextual narrative that allows the learner the opportunity to explore the subject matter afresh from new perspectives.
  • We aim to facilitate your child’s journey to becoming an independent learner by ensuring they have a rock solid foundation of the core principles and the lifelong skills to build upon that foundation.