If your child needs additional lessons in maths, English, Science or 11+ AEC’s well-experienced teachers offer a level of teaching that your child understands. all our lessons and resources are compiled and tailored for students individually. We offer tutoring to primary, secondary school and college aged students in multiple areas of their school studies, including preparation for their 11+, SAT’s, GCSE and A-Levels Exams.

First Visit

On your first scheduled visit, we will give you a free consultation where we discuss your child’s needs and how our tutorial service can meet these. We will also complete all the necessary enrolment paperwork.

Your child will be given an assessment for which there will be a small charge to cover marking time. From this assessment we can target specific areas of weakness and create an individual learning programme specially tailored for your child.


We believe that all children can succeed if given the right support.

We help children in a way that builds greater understanding, confidence and self esteem.

We make learning fun for our students by providing the right environment, resources and teachers, and rewarding them for their achievements.

We offer programmes in:

English at KS2, KS3 and GCSE Level

Maths at KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE Level, A-Level (covering the following modules: C1,C2,C3,C4,S1,S2,S3,M1,M2,FP1,FP2,FP3 and D1)

Additional Maths

GCSE Statistics

Science at KS3 and GCSE Level

A-Level Chemistry and Physics

& 11+ (Verbal, Non-Verbal, Maths and English)

IT (Information Technology)

To contact your nearest Centre to see which programmes they offer, please click here.

At our centres we provide:

A Free educational assessment

An Individual learning programme

A wide variety of resources and activities that cater to the individual learning styles of your child

Computer assisted learning

Experienced and qualified school teachers using proven teaching methods

Curriculum written by qualified teachers

Our goal is to:

Improve your child’s confidence

Make learning fun and engaging

Help students reach their full potential

advance your childs understanding of the subject

About our lessons:

2 hours tutoring session

Small groups

One on one tutoring

Structured learning programme

School homework lessons

covering of past exam papers

Free Tutoring Assessment

If you would like to arrange a free AEC tutoring assessment for your primary, secondary or college child, please fill in our form and you will soon be contacted by your local tuition centre.

The assessment will be conducted by your local centre at a time that suits you. The purpose for the assessment is to test your child’s maths and English skills so that an appropriate programme can be tailored to suit their level.

Assessments are obligation free

Carried out by a fully qualified teacher

Each child is individually assessed

Any identified issues are outlined

Results discussed confidentially between the tutor and parent

Programmes are designed specifically to suit individual needs