Exam Entry Terms and Conditions

Unique Candidate Identifier (UCI)

The UCI (Unique Candidate Identifier) consists of twelve digits and a letter, it is given to all candidates taking GCSE, IGCSEs or A levels for the first time. If you have already sat examinations at another centre, you will have an UCI attached to your name. In order for the exam boards to put all of the examination marks together, candidates must inform us of their UCI when making examination entries. If you have not sat any examinations before, you will not have a UCI and therefore will be assigned a new one which will appear on your Statement of Entry along with a Candidate Number and our School’s Centre Number.

Additional Time

If you have been given additional time due to special Circumstances, you must inform AEC Tutors at the time of registration along with all supporting documentation.

Subject Unit Codes

Unit Codes for each subject can be found in the syllabus along with the course name. Please ensure this information is correct as many of the codes are similar and AEC Tutors cannot be held responsible for mistakes made on the registration form. Please clearly indicate the paper choices for each subject that the candidate wishes to be entered for.

Supplementary fees

Candidates must submit their entries (and registrations) in an accurate and timely way, to ensure that AEC Tutors is able to provide correct examination and assessment materials and issue examination results on time. AEC Tutors actively encourages candidates to submit their entries on time to avoid incurring additional cost and to allow sufficient time for centres’ own self-review.

Entry Deadlines for all qualifications are detailed below, along with dates from which Late Fees and Very Late Fees will apply. The table below provides key information on entry terminology:

Entry Candidate is correctly entered with appropriate personal details, qualification entry code and subject/unit entry code information (and Cash-In code where applicable) and entry complies with the related entry rules. A submission that does not have the appropriate information included and that does not comply with the entry rules is incorrect and will be rejected.
Entry Deadline The final date that entries can be received and processed by AEC Tutors without incurring additional charges.
Entry Fee The Entry Fee indicated for the specific qualification or unit.
Late Fee Date The date from which all entries and amendments will incur a Late Fee charge. The Late Fee is equivalent to 2 times the Entry Fee for that qualification (or unit).
Very Late Fee Date The date from which all entries and amendments will incur a Very Late Fee charge. The Very Late Fee is equivalent to 3 times the Entry Fee for that qualification (or unit). Please note, any application processed at/after this stage can still be withdrawn subject to T&C’s BUT no refunds will be issued.

For final entry dates please refer to the entries handbook.
* In exceptional circumstances late entry will be allowed and a late fee payable.

Candidates should be aware that AEC Tutors may refuse late and very late entries for some qualifications if there is a risk to the integrity and security of the examination or assessment in the processing of timely results.

The candidate will be charged a fee equivalent to the Late Fee or Very Late Fee (less the standard fee already paid), depending on when the late amendment is made. For example, an amendment made on 24th October to the tier or subject of an entry for a November series GCSE, this would be deemed a Late Entry and would generate an additional standard entry fee charge. Similarly, if an amendment was made as late as 1st November, this would be deemed a Very Late Entry and would generate an additional amendment fee equivalent to one and half times the standard entry fee.

Chargeable Amendments

AEC Tutors can change the personal details for candidates entered for exam qualifications up to the Certificate Printing Deadlines, at an additional charge of £36.

If candidate personal details are amended after the Certificate Printing Deadlines, a charge will be applied, to reflect the additional time and materials required to issue a revised certificate. Please note that personal details may only be entered via this route up to 12 months after certificate issue. If candidates wish to amend personal details after this date, they will need to follow the replacement certificate process.

If a candidate submits a qualification or unit change (amendment) a charge will be applied.

Late Cash-In (Aggregation) Fee

Where required, candidates should include the appropriate Cash-In code for a qualification when submitting their entries to AEC Tutors. If a Cash-In code is subsequently submitted by the Amendment or after the Amendment Date, then a fee will be applied.

Please note that Cash-In codes need to be applied to some subjects in the following Qualifications:

  • GCSE
  • A-Level
  • Functional Skills
  • Entry Pathways
  • Level 1 / 2 and Level 3
  • New: Essential Skills qualifications

Transfer of Candidates

Where a candidate is entered for an examination at one centre and then needs to take the examination at an alternative UK or Non-UK centre*, a fee will be applied.

Entry Withdrawal

If AEC Tutors withdraw a candidate, subject or unit after the amendment date, in most cases the entry fee will not be refunded. Please note after the first deadline candidates cannot receive any refunds for any absences or withdrawals of exams for any reasons.

Candidates may withdraw their exam registration before the first deadline of the exam entry; however this will include a deduction of £36 per exam for A-Level unit and per subject for GCSE unit.

Where a candidate is unable to sit an examination due to ill health, AEC Tutors will communicate this formally to the examination board within 2 weeks of the examination date (along with an accompanying medical certificate), AEC Tutors may refund the candidate entry fee but will deduct the admin fees of £36 plus any cost incurred by the examination board. Eligibility for refund will be considered on a case by case basis.

In situations where candidates are bereaved or deceased prior to an examination sitting, the candidate/immediate family member should provide a formal letter communicating this to AEC Tutors.

Once the registration form is completed, calculate the total payment needed for examination and pay in full to the exams officer. When your registration and payment has been processed, a Statement of Entry will be given to you, please carefully look over this to check for any errors made and notify the exam officer at AEC Tutors as soon as possible. For your convenience, an individual examination timetable will also be given to the candidate. If the Candidate is registered for two examinations timetables for the same time on the same day, the candidate will take one examination after the other, with a short break in between supervised by centre staff.

Please note, for all examinations taken at AEC Tutors, Candidates must bring their Statement of Entry and photo identification (passport/ driver’s license) and give it to the invigilator present.

Please note that there will be no refund of entry fees in the event of subsequent cancellation. In order for us to process your application, please ensure you have included the following

  • Two passport size photographs
  • Identification; passport or driver’s license
  • Proof of home address; utility bill (clearly displaying name and address)
  • Full payment


If you request a review or priority review of marking (previously known as a re-mark):

  • it includes a clerical check
  • a second examiner will review the paper/recording again to identify genuine marking errors or unreasonable marking
  • the exam board will make sure all the marks are counted.

Your grade can go down as well as up. A review is the standard speed service for any student. A priority review is a quicker service for students whose place at a university or other higher education institution depends on the outcome. It’s only available for:

  • AS and A-level (including new AS specifications)
  • FSMQ Advanced Level
  • AQA Certificate Level 3
  • AQA Certificate Level 3 Applied General qualifications.

You can request these services for individual units or components.


For review of marking, we at AEC Tutors charge an administration fee plus the exam boards fees for carrying out the review of marking, for this service fees can vary depending on the exam board.

Make a request

You can only request a review of marking once for a paper.

Fill in the student written consent form on our website (Post Results Services Booklet June 2018), and keep it for six months after the outcome of the enquiry or subsequent appeal.


You can make review of marking requests up to 2 months after the exam dates, please refer to your exam board for exact “Key Dates” deadlines.

Re-Marking Timescale

Time taken for Review of marking

  • up to 15 calendar days for a priority review of marking
  • up to 25 calendar days for a review of marking.

 What happens next

The exam board will email our administrator. In the unlikely event that your outcome is a change of two grades or more, with certain exam boards you can ask for feedback.

Requesting a copy of my marked exam paper

AEC’s exams officer will be able to request from the exam board to return your marked question paper on your behalf. This service is sometimes called an ‘Access to Script’ request which comes at an additional cost.

All correspondence relating to the above should be sent to:

221A High Street North, London, E6 1JG.

If you have any further enquiries or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the exam officer.

Please make sure you keep all correspondence from AEC Tutors in a safe place.

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Ilyas Riaz
Ilyas Riaz
13:51 18 May 20
Excellent customer service. Very informative and... explain each step. Would definitely recommend if your looking for a private exam center.read more
09:02 13 Jan 20
Many thanks to the exams officer at AEC, she was... very helpful from the first enquiry all the way through to results delivery (my daughter got an A!). Very well organised and very welcoming. The centre really made an effort after all other centres were unwilling to help with the particular exam my daughter was taking and not offered by her school. The exams officer was patient and quick to respond and I have no hesitation in recommending AEC to any private candidates. Very many thanks, it was getting really stressful until we found you.read more
Somia Omaad
Somia Omaad
22:49 19 Dec 19
Been sending my kids for the last 2 years and... they have been doing so well in class. Their grades have improved and their attitude towards their future has changed in such a positive way. Would recommend AEC to all parents.read more
Zohra Desai
Zohra Desai
22:25 19 Dec 19
After looking at various tuition centres for my... son, I finally found a place that met all my expectations. Staff were very organised and efficient and helped my son to transition into the lessons well. My son enjoys going and is now more eager to learn and is able to work both more independently and confidently. Would highly recommend!read more
Bismah Rao
Bismah Rao
20:41 18 Dec 19
Highly accommodating and provide impeccable... services. The prices are great as well. I would highly recommend for sitting private exams. Keep it up.read more
Amina Jan
Amina Jan
09:48 20 Nov 19
The staff are highly accommodating, organised and... very welcoming. They went over and beyond any exam centre we have previously used. A special thanks to the admin staff who worked tirelessly to meet my daughter's requirements. They were both patient and prompt in dealing with my numerous queries during exam season and after results day. After our experience with AEC we would most certainly use their services again and recommend them to any other private candidate looking for a reliable and professional centre to sit their exams. Many thanks!read more
Tarik Yakan
Tarik Yakan
09:44 20 Nov 19
I needed to resit one of my A-level exams and was... worried due to the prices being so high in most tuition centres, AEC however offered me the best price by far to sit all the exams in my subject. They handle the invigilation quite professionally and the environment during the exam is quite chill. If you are looking to resit any exams, I would highly recommend AEC!read more
Peter Jason O'Flaherty
Peter Jason O'Flaherty
16:55 11 Nov 19
I would highly recommend AEC Tutors services and... examination to any private - otherwise - student, or public examination candidate. The staff are always extremely helpful, friendly and exhibit meticulous professionalisms in their treatment and courtesy to all students. The only thing they won’t do, is sit your examination paper for you, which is a shame because I needed all the help I could get! Thanks!!read more
Amaan Hussain
Amaan Hussain
20:46 15 Oct 19
I have been attending this place for around 5... years and i can confirm that it it is a really great place. The teachers are passionate about your learning and do try their best to enforce the right enough of discipline and motivation to get you to do that extra work. They make sure that the teachers are up to date on the forever changing syllabus. In the time i was there, they always made sure to provide me with revision material that wasnt provided by my school (even if they were old ones that made sure i covered the basics)read more
Georgina Nicolettos
Georgina Nicolettos
21:50 05 Sep 19
As an ex student at AEC, I couldn’t recommend... this tuition centre enough. The centre prepared me for my GCSE Maths with a very bespoke, patient and friendly approach. The centre is run by an incredibly dedicated headteacher who makes time to ensure all students feel valued- thanks for everything AEC!read more
Teanne G
Teanne G
11:56 27 Aug 19
Helped me understand a lot of things that... weren’t made clear in school. They patiently taught me maths and made me more feel more confident when sitting exams. I definitely recommend.read more
Takrim Titas
Takrim Titas
05:19 17 Aug 19
Came here for my Maths A-Levels. Very helpful... and supportive teachers have helped me not only get ahead in content relative to my sixth form but have ensured that I was better prepared sit my exams by carrying out regular mock exams and constant review of older topics so that they are always fresh. It was a great experience and the quality of teaching ensured a smooth transition from a 1 to 1 tuition to a tuition centre. Would strongly recommend to anyone who is struggling at maths or just looking to get ahead and be more ready for exams.read more
Bibi Bhatti
Bibi Bhatti
15:22 15 Aug 19
I was looking for a place to sit an exam for my... daughter and came across AEC. I was drawn in by the positive google reviews and thought I would give them a try. I made lots of contact with AEC prior to choosing them as a venue. I send multiple queries via email and via phone and they never got fed up of me asking questions! They were very helpful and answered all my queries promptly. The venue is easy to get to by public transport. The staff were very welcoming and organised on the day of the exam. I was extremely happy with the service so much so we are looking to look into their tutoring!read more
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